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Life, health & weightloss coaching.
My name is Clair MacKenzie and I founded The Best You.Coach after discovering that it is possible to work full time, raise two children, and run a house whilst taking care of myself. For years I had put the needs of my family (husband, 2 children & dog) and my work (from global blue chips to start-ups) before my own health and desire to be slim, believing that ‘I just didn’t have the time’, and ‘I didn’t have what it takes’ to sort myself out. I then discovered Life Coaching and Health Coaching.

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Free Weight Loss Coaching

I help working Mums to lose weight, get healthy and become the best version of themselves.


For years I put the needs of my children, running the home, and working before my own health and desire to be slim. I believed that ‘I just didn’t have the time’, and ‘I didn’t have what it takes’ to sort myself out.

BUT then I discovered that there was a way to be the person I wanted to be whilst still working hard and taking care of my family, and you can too.


Sign up for a FREE Weight Loss Strategy Session and let’s talk about how you can lose weight and become the best version of yourself. Schedule your Weight Loss Strategy Session with me now: https://sparklediscovery.as.me/free-coaching


This is how your coaching session is structured:

  1. You tell me where you are right now with your weight and where you want to be
  2. We explore the areas of weight loss and/or maintaining weight loss that you find difficult
  3. I coach you to help you get clarity around what you need to do, to get unstuck and start losing weight right now
  4. Based on our conversation, and whether I feel that my program is right for you, I take a few minutes to tell you about my program and how you can sign up


My intention is to give you as much value during our sessions as possible, so that you can get unstuck in your weight loss efforts whether you sign up for my program or not.


Frequently asked questions about my free coaching sessions

How long are the sessions?

Usually about 45 minutes


When are sessions available?

I only offer sessions when I am looking to take on new clients. If you are considering booking a session and there is one available, you should grab it. I offer sessions at all times during the day and evening as many of my clients work during the day.


How do we connect?

When you schedule a Strategy Session through my appointment system (https://sparklediscovery.as.me/free-coaching) you will receive an email that tells you how to connect with me via your phone or computer. You can choose whether you would prefer a video call or an audio only call.


Why do you offer Weight Loss Strategy Sessions for Free?

I want my clients to get the results that they want. Making sure that I am the right coach for them, and that my program is what they need, is a critical first step to ensuring success.

Also, I only want to take on clients who are committed to achieving their weight loss goals. My approach is so much easier than trying to lose weight on a ‘typical’ diet, but it requires hard work and persistence. The strategy session enables me to assess a potential client’s level of commitment.


Will I be pressured to sign up as a coaching client?


I will offer you information about my coaching programs and ask if that is something of interest to you. I promise there is no pressure to sign up. I just provide you with information, offer you the opportunity to ask me questions about the coaching and my program.


Is it normal to feel nervous and apprehensive about signing up for a Free Weight Loss Strategy Session?

Absolutely. I would expect most people to feel a little nervous and unsure. It is a sign that you are about to try something different. Notice that if you’ve been trying to lose weight for a while and the approach that you’ve been taking hasn’t worked for you, a feeling of discomfort or nerves is confirmation that you are being proactive in taking a new approach.