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My name is Clair MacKenzie and I founded The Best You.Coach after discovering that it is possible to work full time, raise two children, and run a house whilst taking care of myself. For years I had put the needs of my family (husband, 2 children & dog) and my work (from global blue chips to start-ups) before my own health and desire to be slim, believing that ‘I just didn’t have the time’, and ‘I didn’t have what it takes’ to sort myself out. I then discovered Life Coaching and Health Coaching.

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Food for Fuel

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Food for Fuel

The food we eat is our ‘fuel for life’. The right food nourishes us and keeps our body and mind healthy and in balance.

I believe that there is no right or best diet. What works best for one individual is different from what works for another. And what works for an individual during at one point in their life will be radically different from what works at another time in their life, whether this is due to their age or their circumstances.

When I refer to ‘diet’ I mean ‘way of eating’ not a ‘diet’ in the typical sense of trying to eat in some restrictive way for as long as you can before you give up. Or at least that’s what ‘diet’ used to mean to me!

When I explore what ‘diet’ or ‘way of eating’ works best with a client I don’t just consider the food type and quantity that they eat; I evaluate how they eat, when they eat, where they eat and who they are being when they eat.

All my clients, in fact all of us, either already intuitively know, or will know if shown how, what foods are right for our bodies, regardless of our stage of life or circumstance.

Our bodies have an innate wisdom, beyond any book or authority, to know what it needs and what is right for it

Clair Mackenzie